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Wood working kickback

Posted by hammerscale on February 17, 2012

Plenty of us have woodworking as well as metal working machines in the shop.

Follow the link to a video demonstration on how fast kickback can occur. What’s sobering is he’s making a common and what is considered an easy cut on the table saw, trimming a piece of wood to width.


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The wonderful difference between the male and female brain.

Posted by hammerscale on February 10, 2012

Men at a yard sale/flea market, quite a bit different than women at the same place. When you’ve got tools laying around, men just can’t help themselves from touching, twirling, rotating, or sliding any movable part they find. Whether they spend money or not, or whether they even have an interest in what your selling, men just seem mesmerized by the gizmosity of mechanical objects.

Women at the yard sale. Never ever would think of that….The differences between the male brain and the female brain. Women will come along and rummage quickly thru the baby clothes, or the stack of DVDs, but just don’t have the same irresistible inclination to manipulate every twiddly little screw and knob. Which may explain why it’s manipulate, and not womanipulate.

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Safety #4

Posted by hammerscale on February 10, 2012

Adding to the safety thread another issue that comes up often;

Please remove all cords, air hoses, extension cords, etc. from the shop floor. In addition to being a danger, they’re as annoying as Hell to step on.

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Posted by hammerscale on February 6, 2012

Like others, I’ve got quite a stockpile of different solvents in the shop. But the three I use most often are: Odorless mineral spirits, naphtha, and lacquer thinner.

Mineral spirits is a good, inexpensive solvent that dissolves lots of various gunk, but not so powerful as to damage plastics, etc. with limited exposure. It leaves a nice, oily film behind, give a tap or a drill bit a swish – it’s clean and ready to store away with a rust resistant film.

Naphtha is a powerful solvent that dries trace free in seconds. Good for thinning paints and degreasing parts prior to painting.

Lacquer thinner is an extremely powerful solvent. A little too strong to expose to plastics and rubbers, but great for stripping paints and finishes off parts, also a powerful degreaser for parts that are to be plated. And of course good for thinning lacquer.

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