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Tripping and poking hazards

Posted by hammerscale on May 30, 2012

Another tip re shop safety, watch out for the placement of long stock in machines, take measures to eliminate any chance of walking into the stock, and promptly remove the stock when complete. (tip #5)

Examples would be the outboard side of the lathe, horizontal bandsaws, stock mounted in drill presses or mills.

Stock mounted in bandsaw

Stock mounted in bandsaw

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Not fun to customize

Posted by hammerscale on May 24, 2012

These things aren’t as hard as a rock, but come pretty darn close. I wore out two HSS endmills widening this holder. Import (Phase II) AXA QC tool holder.

Phase II tool holder, customized

Phase II tool holder, customized

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Don’t trust, verify for work step completion

Posted by hammerscale on May 21, 2012

Just good practice, whether doing a production run or one-off work. Before taking a work piece off the lathe, or breaking down a setup on the mill, ask yourself, is there anything else to do? Or anything else that could be/should be done? So give it a look over and think about it. There may be a step you forgot, or something you could do (layout, deburring, whatever) that would be easier now versus later.

Lathe work detail

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Back online

Posted by hammerscale on May 18, 2012

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. The past few weeks I’ve been a bit busier than usual, as I was working on updating my website and doing a little springtime related work around the house. I have a few projects lined up for the workshop, and hope to have a some more content to the blog flowing soon.

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