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Part Code Study

Posted by hammerscale on October 30, 2012

Some notes on the part numbers used by Delta into the 1950’s/early 1960’s

I’ll work on more as time allows.

Code Machine Notes Earliest Name?
LBS 14″ bandsaw Most associated with the Delta 14″ bandsaw 1933???? large band saw
LBS-1 part is the main casting for the drive wheel 1933 catalog it is not
some SBS parts are detailed on the 890 model, circa 1930 found
quite a few NCS parts are found associated mainly w/the rip fence 1934 cat does list
SP Off the shelf We know the SP parts are off the shelf hardware, such as standard part
nuts, screws, washers, etc.
TBS 10″ baby bandsaw TBS-1 is base casting for drive wheel 1931/32 tiny band saw
the 10″ saw is a mix of TBS, LBS and some SBS parts no model number table band saw
10″ bandsaw precedes 14″ bandsaw 1933 lists model #
CBS 20″ bandsaw CBS-1-A is the main welded machine frame 1951 crescent band saw
there is a exploded detail of the switch plate, the cover plate is colossal band saw
labelled LSR-35 (Delta) or CBS-129 (Crescent)
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Gantry Crane Inspiration

Posted by hammerscale on October 21, 2012

Good thread at HSM featuring a really nicely made gantry crane:


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