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Huot Storage

Posted by hammerscale on August 31, 2014

I’ve got a few of the small Huot storage boxes, pro’s are they’re well laid out for your tooling needs and they’re fairly well constructed considering the cost. Con’s are the drawers are a bit herky-jerky and the storage for the reamer cabinet is just too small to hold the larger tools.

Following product is a step up, and every fulfills every organization fantasy of my autistic nature.

BTW, I always thought it was pronounced “hote”, not “hew-ot” as I discovered first time watching the video.


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Tool out your Work Area

Posted by hammerscale on August 25, 2014

What I’ve discovered with most of the AXA tool holders (Chinese knock-offs of Aloris brand) is they all pretty much use 4mm hex head screws for fastening the tooling. The Chinese screws are often inconsistent in size tolerance causing the standard size, ball end hex wrenches to sometimes slip.

Rather than fumbling around looking for the proper hex wrench, I supplemented my lathe and tool bench with a couple of these, “Wera” brand precision hex wrenches, available at McMaster-Carr, part number 6625A64


Both convenient and inexpensive, putting (multiple) adjusting tools with-in arm’s reach speeds things up.

BTW, Aloris brand uses SAE fasteners.

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