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Robocopy for Windows

Posted by hammerscale on November 8, 2014

ROBOCOPY sounds like a silly name, a little too influenced by Robocop movies, perhaps, but what it is actually is is the latest evolution of XCOPY command that dates back to Microsoft DOS.

I was tasked with creating an automatic backup for my wife’s computer recently and though normally I’d just set her up with a Dropbox account, her computer is provided by her company and I’m sure their panties would get all tied up in a bunch concerning their proprietary information.

C:\Windows\system32\robocopy C:\Users\Gary\Documents E:\Users\Gary\Backup /MIR

The above is the basic script to first launch Robocopy, then specify source folder and then destination. The “/MIR” will create a mirror image of the directory tree.

To see all the options available for Robocopy, first, from the Windows globe button in the lower left hand corner, type CMD, hit enter, and the command prompt box will pop up.

At the command prompt, simply type robocopy /? and hit enter.

Now, I wanted this to run automatically on my wife’s computer daily. To do so, launch the Windows Task Scheduler, for more details check out this on the Windows 7 Forum. At the point it asks for file or script, just type or paste the code in, click next. It will ask if you mean to add the arguments to your script, click, yes.

Naturally, you will need to specify the source and destination folders applicable to your situation. We did purchase a backup drive for my wife, but of course the software that comes with it is seriously bloated with unneeded features and an overly complicated interface. I played with it for the better part of an hour and couldn’t get it to do what I wanted.


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