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Soak it ! Soak it ! Soak it !

Posted by hammerscale on January 26, 2015

I often receive phone calls from clients, or potential clients, if I have any replacement spindles for their drill press.

Why ? Because they’ve been pounding on it forever trying to remove the chuck ( just as they were advised to do on the internet ) and now the spindle is bent.
My advise in these situations is that they would have been better off calling me before grabbing the nearest baby sledge hammer. Just a solvent soak, married with some patience, can eliminate the need for brute force
in most of these cases.

I’m amazed at how effective just soaking stubborn parts in solvent works. By soak, I mean immersed for a week, or better, two weeks. Using the solvent of your choice. There’s a lot of nonsense in the web concerning what product is better – Kroil, PB blaster, WD40, even the latest concoction composed of acetone and auto trans fluid. I find it doesn’t matter what, but rather how long.

Example; I recently encountered a Morse taper cup center stuck in a wood lathe quill. Pound, pound, pound,…… no go, of course. After a heavy spray in the threaded hole of the quill I set it aside. A few days later, I took a look and solvent was weeping thru the Morse taper at the end of the quill. Three quick raps with a pin punch and the Morse taper shot right out.

I typically use odorless mineral spirits, or whatever is in a spray can if I need to flood a hole or opening. Immerse the part(s) and let it soak. Try it after a few days. If you don’t feel something move after just a few strikes of the hammer, …. STOP ! and let it soak some more. Effective with stuck drill chucks, threads, bearings, etc., etc.

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Cold Air Guns

Posted by hammerscale on January 11, 2015

These are cool, (no-pun intended) and start at about $300 range from McMaster-Carr and other sources.

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Real Tool Reviews

Posted by hammerscale on January 1, 2015

I enjoy Youtube and love tool reviews the most. Here’s a product I was unaware of, but have several Wera tools and I like the quality of them.

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