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Basement Shop Guy

Posted by hammerscale on February 26, 2015

Another Youtube channel I enjoy. Brad offers down-to-earth advice, tips, and projects with videos that are well crafted and fast moving.

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This tactic works for cleaning up

Posted by hammerscale on February 25, 2015

I find the following routine works for keeping a shop tidy, or even de-cluttering a messy shop.

First, on entering the shop is to put 10 things back where they belong. Ten little things – example: 2 wrenches, 3 screwdrivers and 5 pieces of sandpaper are ten things.

Second, clean a small area of the shop. Example: table saw top has stuff on it, clean it up; or a drawer is messy, spend a couple minutes cleaning and sorting.

Last, third, after the day is done, again put 10 items back where they belong.

Repeat this every time you go in the shop. After a short time you’ll find it harder and harder to locate those first ten items, and you’ll have large flat surfaces empty of clutter. Cleaning small areas will then become more an issue of re-arranging and organizing. And having everything in it’s place is a huge boost to speed and efficiency, as opposed to spending 20 minutes looking for that particular tool you knew you were using only yesterday !

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